actor / filmmaker

The Actor

I began my acting career leading many theater productions before moving on to share my work with a long list of Film/Television projects including MARVEL’s ‘DEADPOOL’, the Soska Sisters' 'Puppet Killer' Warner Brothers 'Lost Boys 2: The Tribe', Guest appearances on NBC's primetime series 'Psych', 'Fringe', CBC's 'Endgame' and recurring Guest Stars on Steven Seagal's 'True Justice' adn CBC's 'Arctic Air'.

Kyle's darkly playful brand gained notice with his recurring Guest Star on Douglas Coupland's 'JPod' where he played a pathological, self hating fast-food chain mascot named 'Klownsworthy'. For this he earned a nomination for 'Best Guest Star in a Dramatic Series' for the 2008 Leo Awards.

His insatiable appetite for self-expression also spreads into Writing, Directing and Producing which all help him win the battle against his 'creative beast'. Visit Kyle's Filmmaking page to learn more about his current projects both in production and development.